Learn to Clear Apps Cache on your LG V20

Are you looking for a way to clean apps cache on your LG V20? The major reason behind the need to clear cache is because the LG V20 becomes slow and you experience unexpected freezing.

The apps cache helps in storage of data temporarily and for the purposes of switching from one app to another. At the same time, the system cache performs a similar function, but specifically for the individual apps.

The procedure here detailed will clear cache on the troubled app – assuming that you already have a clue about that precise app – which allows the phone to build a new one. It will work effectively if corrupted cache is the cause of those problems, so this will only be applicable to solving problems on individual applications on the device. Here is how to do it:

Learn to Clear Apps Cache on your LG V20:

  1. First of all, you have to switch on your smartphone;
  2. Enter into the Settings application on your LG V20;
  3. Tap General > Apps;
  4. Swipe left to All column in order to view the whole app in your phone;
  5. Choose whatever app you wish to clear the cache of;
  6. A new page will appear that show everything about the app. It is the ideal time to locate the “Storage” option and tap on it;
  7. Tap the Clear Cache option;
  8. Then, you should better do a reboot to your device after you have uninstalled the app if the handset does not get fixed after the individual apps cache are cleared. Do not to forget to back up all your important information as log as once you do a reset, all of your information – important or not will be erased.

Keep in mind that you can always try to clear apps data and thereafter, reboot the device if the LG handset does not respond positively.

Got something to ask us? I am happy to help. And do not forget that you can also Enjoy Better Audio on Your LG V20 with Dual-Speaker Stereo Sound or Easily Install Google Assistant on LG V20.

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