Grab Google Go on your Android Device

Many users don’t use the official apps of their favorite web services. It makes use of some heavy background processes to make the app fully functional and this effect drains the phone’s battery, which is the biggest reason why entry-level phone users don’t use it. They decide to replace some of their favorite apps with lightweight versions. Companies develop “lite” editions of their apps for use in developing countries, where data connections aren’t as strong and devices run more slowly.

Well, you should know from the start that you are really lucky. These lite apps only work on Android devices, so iOS users have no other chance but to replace bulky apps with the mobile websites for these services and to clear the junk from their devices. You have though other options and this includes grabbing Google Go on your Android device.

This is basically just a lightweight Google search app. You will notice some major differences in what this Lite version can do, but the whole app is quicker and lighter, so can you really say no to such a chance? The app doesn’t include the Google Feed, so it is turned into a search app with a few quick links to things like weather and whatnot. And there’s no Assistant integration in Google Go either, but is this an essential aspect for you?

The large original apps can weigh down your smartphone, forcing you to wait for menus to load and things to move slow, so I know what I want and don’t want for my device. If you also dream of a faster, smoother user experience, there is only one thing left to do.

Google Go can be taken from Play Store (Non-US) or from this APK Mirror.

If the app is not available outside of the countries it is intended for, you need to install the app through a simple process called sideloading. If you’re running a version of Android older than Android 8.0 Oreo, you must enter into the Settings app, tap Security and toggle Unknown sources to On and this immediately lets you install apps from outside the Google Play Store.

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