How to Install the Latest EMUI 9.0 on Huawei P20 Pro

You probably know that Huawei has just started enrolling users for the upcoming EMUI 9 firmware update under the beta channel. The EMUI 9.0 beta rollout has already begun, therefore you can sign up for Huawei’s Beta Program, but even if you are excited, I have to remind you that this does not guarantee that your phone will actually receive the update. There are limited slots for the EMUI 9.0 beta testers and that’s why I decided to share a guide on how to install the latest EMUI 9.0 on your Huawei P20 Pro.

Thanks to a1Pha who has ported the EMUI 9 beta firmware for all the Huawei P20 users, you can take it right away on your device. This procedure here described has been tested using on the listed Huawei P20 Pro CLT-L09 C432 device using Windows 10 x64 computer, but I must warn you that this is not the official procedure. Even more, AndroidFlagship will not be responsible for any damage to you’re your handset, but you are!

Are you cool with that? Then, don’t forget that you must enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging on your Huawei P20 Pro in Developer Options menu. And for the procedure to really work, you must a device with bootloader unlocked, FRP unlocked, as well as rooted. Sadly, I have to remind you that Huawei stopped bootloader unlocking service, so if you have not already unlocked, this is not your lucky day, that’s for sure.

How to Install the Latest EMUI 9.0 on Huawei P20 Pro:

  1. First things first, grab the EMUI Beta flashing tool v0.2 to your PC;
  2. Then, download EMUI 9 beta firmware for your Huawei P20 Pro smartphone: EML-L09 C432 – Build EML-L29 C432 – Build;
  3. Unzip the EMUI Beta flashing tool;
  4. Up next, also unzip EMUI 9 Beta firmware zip file and save all the content inside the flashing tool;
  5. Now, connect your Huawei P20 Pro to your PC with a USB cable;
  6. Run FLASH.bat inside of the unzipped folder. It will guide you through the installation process;
  7. After the installation is completed, you may need to factory reset your phone if it does not boot.

Need any extra help? Let me know in the comments section below.

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