How to Use Digital Wellbeing on your Galaxy S10

Just a few days back, Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 line. It isn’t too early to say that Galaxy S10 will be one of the most important flagship smartphones of 2019. And there’s plenty of surprising facts about it. For example, I discovered that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is one of the first non-Pixel or Android One phones that comes bundled with Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature.

I was also surprised to see the budget Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 phones also receiving the feature. This came included with the new Android 9 Pie update for those phones. While Samsung’s flagship starts at $899.99, it’s a nice thing to see the same Digital Wellbeing available on lower-end phones.

However, Samsung has its very own Digital Wellbeing feature bundled on your Galaxy S10 handset. Samsung’s Digital Wellbeing looks almost exactly like Google’s Digital Wellbeing offering and even has the same name, but it’s just made by Samsung instead. The point is that Digital Wellbeing isn’t shipping with most of the new Android smartphones. That’s clearly why some manufacturers have developed their very own version of Digital Wellbeing and I am not here to complain.

How does Digital Wellbeing works?

It monitors and tracks your cellphone usage and gives you a visual representation of your phone habits such as screen time, number of times you’ve unlocked your phone and notifications. Even more, you may also set timers for specific apps through the Dashboard option. All you have to do is to choose the app you have in mind, and tap on the No timer option. Then, just select one as per your convenience.

If you are interested in getting more from those new features, check out our latest guides. This handset is a jewelry both outside and inside!

And remember that if you’ve installed the latest Pie update on your Galaxy S8, S8, Note 8, or Note 9, then you could easily install the Digital Wellbeing APK on your device. This does not require your device to be rooted. And you will get closer to a Galaxy S10 experience.

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