Leaked HTC M8 Case Offers New Clues

Neither of the original HTC One and its HTC One Mini bother did not feature fingerprint scanning tech, but current market has changed and HTC doesn’t want to be left behind. Let’s take the example of the popular HTC One Max phablet which has appeared with its own scanner module embedded in the back panel. So, there is no wonder that people are more curios than ever to find out if the story has any chances to be repeated for HTC M8 (aka HTC One 2) too. A recently leaked photo of its case offers us new clues regarding this aspect and here we are to share them with you:

Here’s the image that we are talking about and if you have the impression that it doesn’t bring anything new, we can only suggest you to take a closer look or pay some attention.

Leaked HTC M8 Case Offers New Clues

Leaked HTC M8 Case Offers New Clues

This HTC M8 Case suggest that is it more than likely for the company to be working on a 5-inch display, but with a slightly more rounded-off body than we have initially imagined. But the cutout placed exactly above where the LED flash is the most interesting reveling.

This comes as a confirmation of the previously rumored fingerprint scanner, as well as a potential clue regarding the possibility of an extra camera lens for improved low light shooting. And, just as our source suggests, it is enough to take a look to that extra space for the LED flash alongside the camera in order to understand that the device will have a 2-stage flash, just as iPhone 5s curentlly has too.

We still don’t know for sure if HTC is going to prepare a press event or if it’s simply thinking about revealing this HTC M8 smartphone at MWC 2014, but we are certainly talking about a late February announcement. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned.

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