MWC 2014: Samsung Fit – All You’d expect from a Fitness Bracelet

A while ago we were questioning the existence of such a Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, but the Korean company has made all the mystery vanish and we have finally seen its new fitness bracelet at the MWC. Although we cannot deny that this band is much simpler than Samsung’s Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo smartwatches that we have already talked about, we can assure you that it comes with all you’d expect from a fitness bracelet, if not even more:

Main Functionalities

To be more specific, Samsung’s Fit primary function is an obvious one even from the start: this fitness bracelet successfully does what if was designed for from the first place letting you to track when you walk, run, or cycle. And the interesting part is yet to come: Samsung’s Fit also functions as a smartwatch as long as it easily provides notifications around SMS, calls, or email and even apps for all of you who are convinced that you don’t need an actual smartwatch, but still want to enjoy some of these functionalities.In terms of OS, just like we have seen on Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Neo, this device that we have here also features the new Tizen operating system. As for its compatibility, we only know that it should work with a wide range of Galaxy devices, but the company wouldn’t confirm which ones these would actually be.

Samsung Fit – All You’d expect from a Fitness Bracelet

Samsung Fit – All You’d expect from a Fitness Bracelet

Interchangeable rubber strap

The Fit bracelet comes with a curved AMOLED display which helps the device fit nicely to your wrist, also having an interchangeable rubber strap, letting you to choose from different sizes in order to make it more comfortable than ever. So, there is no doubt that this Gear Fit makes us think of the Pebble-style due to this design choice, not to mention that the company will also sell various color options for the rubber strap.

Samsung Fit

Samsung Fit

And why wouldn’t we like that it is small and sleek, as long as retains much of the functionality found in other conventional Samsung smartwatches? Its design isn’t at all an uninspired choice at all and we believe that Samsung Fit has all the chances to find its own place in the current wearable’s market.

So, stay tuned; we’ll be back soon with fresh details regarding its availability and pricing!

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