Galaxy S5 Camera Issue Reported: here’s what to do

Have you bought an early version of the Samsung Galaxy S5? Of course it’s not your problem whether you device has been among the first Galaxy S5 devices developed or not, but if it was then you might have some ROM-related issues. It seems that more and more users are reporting issues with the camera as they aren’t capable of using the camera function at all.

Even though we are dealing with Samsung’s latest flagship and with an pretty expensive Android smartphone and we would expect to have a great device with not such problems, it seems that Samsung isn’t able to keep up with its customers. Unfortunately, the some Galaxy S5 devices are having important ROM (Read Only Memory) issues that can’t be resolved with an OS update, or with any other software related solution.

So, how can you fix the Galaxy S5 camera problem? This is where the fun begins; Samsung just announced that all the users who have experienced problems with the camera application should take their phones back to service provider for a service under warranty, or to use the following number in order to call Samsung’s own warranty line – here is the number: 1-888-987-4357.

Apparently the bricked Samsung Galaxy S5 devices were sold not only in US, so any other customer might experience problems with the camera app. Therefore, if you notice that you can’t use the SGS5 camera, don’t panic as Samsung made an “ups”.

So, just ask for official assistance by using the up mentioned number or by taking your smartphone back to service – until then don’t perform unofficial operations like gaining root access, unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom ROM and so on, as you will void the warranty of your phone.

For further info stay close, as we will update you with fresh details as soon as something new comes out.

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