How to Hard Reset any Android HTC device with ease

In case of being the owner of a HTC Android smartphone, you don’t need us to tell you the importance of knowing the basic operations that you can apply to your handset.

Completing a hard reset on your HTC smartphone / tablet is one of those procedures that we are talking about, one that we recommend if you have problems with your HTC device or if you want to sell it in the near future.

Basically, by hard resetting aka factory resetting your HTC branded phone it means that you will erase all your data from its system, so the operation will restore your phone to its initial state.

That is why we have told you that performing this procedure you can fix various problems with ease including boot loop errors, lags, bugs that are caused by a new update or by somehting else, force closed errors, screen freeze issues and not only.

And a hard reset can also prove to be useful in case of trying to fix a bricked HTC phone. That might have happened after performing operations like unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery image, gaining root access, flashing custom ROMs, but let’s hope that this hard resetting procedure will immediately solve the problem.

Preparatory steps:

  • This operation that we are talking about implies a full wipe of your system, so don’t leave aside the importance of backing up your data before doing anything else. Do that for your contacts, text messages, call logs, market apps, internet settings personal data, accounts and other info you might need to use later;
  • Apply this tutorial only on a HTC phone and not on any other device from another manufacturer; we are talking about different procedures, so it’s your risk to take;
  • Your HTC handset will get turned off during the procedure if is less than 70% charged, so take care of that aspect now before messing things up and being too late;
  • Hard resetting is a basic Android operation that can be applied on your HTC smartphone with no problems, but you must respect the following procedure without skipping the steps or you risk damaging the device;
  • Finally, you should know that a reset operation is official and featured by default on the Android system, so performing it doesn’t imply in using third party apps or risky and complex procedures as we will keep it all official. We are sure that you feel much better knowing that now!

How to Hard Reset any Android HTC device (by using HTC’s settings):

  1. Start by going to Settings and tap on ‘Backup and reset’ option;
  2. Also choose ‘Erase all data’;
  3. Confirm your actions and then perform the hard reset;
  4. Your HTC device will power off and come back on and that was all!

Hard resetting your phone was easier than you have imagined, wasn’t it?

How to Hard Reset any Android HTC device (by using the hardware buttons):

  1. Start by turning off your HTC phone;
  2. Then enter it in recovery mode and immediately select ‘Wipe data factory reset’;
  3. You general have to use se the Volume Up and Down buttons for scrolling down or up and to press Power button when you want to select a specific option;
  4. Also select ‘Wipe cache partition’ from the recovery menu;
  5. Go back to the main menu and select ‘Reboot system now’.

The procedure is once again completed and we hope that you have been successful, if not, just complete the contact form or leave us a comment and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

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