Firefox for Android Updated, new Features inside

Improvements are always welcomed in our lives and when we talk about technology even more. Speaking about that, new updates of Mozilla Firefox on Android are coming into the light to make our mobile browsing experience much better and enjoyable. This is now raised up to a better design, easier access to the websites, faster and good looking. The Awesome Screen makes the users to be more excited about the mobile browsing experience especially when they will discover the new feature that recognize the URL and auto complete it as you type it. More than that, if you have a tab opened with a URL which you are trying to access again in another tab, you will be detected and automatically redirected to the tab.

As our source let us know, the screen is maximized by another feature, the title bar which auto hides from view, facilitating the wider view. It can be also very easily called back with a simple downward swipe. If you want to set a default search provider, Firefox allows that now by simply going to Add-ons manager page from menu and tap to set the provider as default or to disable it. Subscribing a page is possible now through a simple procedure. With the improved RSS reader, it can be added a page by tapping and holding the URL bar. The translation of the Mozilla Firefox for Android is happy to have at disposal a community of great volunteer people who helps the improving browsing experience for all of us, all over the world and we are deeply thankful for this things to them.

Mozilla Firefox updates

Mozilla Firefox updates

The new version of Mozilla Firefox can be accessed in the Google play and this is absolutely great, if you ask me. The version comes with Turkish and Hungarian on the list of already “learned” languages of Firefox.

  • Rohini Damarla

    Hi all,
    I have more than 9 years experience in java and I recently learned android programming with eclipse ide, Now I can write programmes in android, how to start? Any body is there to help me ,I have two computers, one Linux Fedora, the other Windows 8. Please soon help me as sonn as possible, so that I can start android programing for Mozilla.

    Thanks & Regards