Grocery IQ, The Best Grocery Shopping List Android App

You know that cooking is more than the process of preparing food, but it’s a lifestyle that many enjoy. How does the process really starts? Well, with a trip to the grocery store for all those ingredients that you are going to use for your amazing plate. And you know that the beginning is the most difficult one, so what do you say about getting some help?

Well, I am talking about Grocery IQ which is the best Android app for quickly creating a list and syncing it up with others. You can add items by voice, along with typing it or scanning barcodes, so just tap the microphone and start saying all that you need while browsing through the refrigerator or making plans for the next days.

Why is this better than any other old-fashioned grocery list? I bet that such a list doesn’t let you sign in to the same account with your spouse, partner, or other friends or roommates that you share your meals with, so that each person can change up the list.

The Android app also lets you add frequently purchased items to new lists, keep track of what you’ve checked out and filter history by list, add multiple items by simply pointing your camera at any product barcodes or make sure that you never forget an item again by viewing all items in “All List Items”.

And I bet that you’ll love what I have to tell you: this is one of the few apps that is not only free, but actually takes good care of your money. I am saying that as long as Grocery IQ will also find coupons for you based on the items added to your list.

I must warn you though that Grocery IQ is not that accurate when it comes to specific items. So, for certain brand names, it’s recommended to stick to a more generic title and edit the text afterwards. But this shouldn’t really be a problem as long as the app has your back!

Do you know any better way to simplify your grocery shopping? Take the app by accessing this direct link.

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