Download Unlimited Free Offline Maps with Nokia’s HERE Maps

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One of the most interesting and useful things about Android map apps is the ability to view data even in the absence of a working internet connection. And the best part is that there are various apps developed specifically for this purpose.

Are you in a spotty coverage area? You don’t need me to tell you that you cannot actually rely on network access or Wi-Fi all the time, and the last thing you want is to find yourself lost in an area you have never been before, with no reception. Or what should you do when you go abroad on travel without a good roaming data plan? Well, I have the perfect answer for you! Who said that traveling the world without Internet connection is not possible was wrong and I have the best proof!

Do you also want to make your trips stress free? Then, I can assure you of the fact that Nokia’s HERE Maps is one of the best choices out there. Let me tell you from the start that this is a great addition to the Android offline map apps family and that I am not at all surprised to see how many people love and use it!

Nokia’s HERE provides a very different experience to most Android maps (it is faster and it has a fresh interface), but note that you’ll need to register if you want to download maps for offline use. Once you’ve done that, using it becomes a piece of cake as you’ll be able to download unlimited free offline maps and enjoy turn-by-turn navigation, search, satellite and traffic imagery and as I have told you, you even have the possibility to set the app to stay offline, so that it doesn’t suddenly start consuming data again.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on offline maps, especially one that looks different from the others, if you like the idea of having all the information offline and freely portable, then this app is for you. For each destination, access up-to-date information covering thousands of places and never get lost again!

Access this link to take the app right away! It is already prepared for your Android device!

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