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Many of you cannot even think of an Android device without a data plan of any kind because most people check emails, connect to social websites and do much more through the network. But, you don’t need me to tell you that things are a little different when you go abroad without a good roaming data plan, so offline maps become a great choice to your maps. Do you want more details about how this app works and what can it offer you?

Well, is extremely simple in terms of guiding, so reaching to your destination even without Internet connection is not a problem any longer.

By installing it on your handset, you get free offline global maps based on OpenStreetMap data, so be sure that has all the essentials covered: I am talking about easy to read maps (including street numbers, which is a major advantage), searchable points of interest and addresses, offline navigation, location sharing, and no roaming charges or need for online data transfer.

Even more, the app is fully loaded with maps from around the globe, so you understand why I find it as being so useful when you travel to an unknown place and don’t have any idea about the restaurant, hotel, parking place or even Wi-Fi spot.

However, even if this is an offline map, make no confusion! is indeed available even when you are not connected to the network, but you must be online in order to download the data. After doing that, maps and guide content are fully downloaded and stored on your Android device. All features, such as address searches and your GPS location work offline and without data roaming.

Take the app by entering this link.

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