How to Use PasswordBox, a Great Password Management Service for Android

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Having a simple scheme to produce unique passwords for every service may sound easy, but you’ll soon realize that you are wrong. Let me tell you from the start it’s impossible to be creative each time and to remember every single password. And if you make a simple mistake, then any hacker with access to your email account can take over plenty of other accounts by requesting password resets via email.

Don’t make it easy for them, but take action while you still can! PasswordBox is a great password management service available on Android that covers the standard password vault and more. That is why I am sure of the fact that many of you will find it as being exactly what they are looking for!

You should know from the start the fact that with PasswordBox Free Password Safe is simply impossible to lose your passwords, usernames and other personal data that you use right in your Android device. PasswordBox includes a password vault where users can safely encrypt and store their passwords, personal data, bank accounts, notes and more, as well as a password manager and in-app browser for autologin of your credentials. The app features a 1 Tap login for websites and apps, as well as pin code lock, AES -256 encryption and master password, so yes, you can stay relaxed as your data is perfectly safe.

Even more, users also have the chance to sync their password vault to multiple devices and other users securely, while making sure that only the user can see the data. And my favorite of all is the feature known as “Legacy Locker” which lets users to designate some sort of a digital heir to whom you pass your passwords, online accounts and other personal data.

Do you also like the idea? Then, stop wasting your time and take the PasswordBox app from here.

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