Galaxy Note 3 Blush Pink coming to Germany

Are you tired of the same boring white and black smartphones and tablets continually released on the market? Well, join the club! We are too. Where’s the fun in that, the innovation, that special “something“ letting you to express your own personality? So, what do you think about a Galaxy Note 3 coming in Blush Pink? While some might consider it a bold color and love the color, we are more than sure that others are seeing it as an annoying option, especially if they are not a part of the female segment. We tend though to see things in a different way. Let’s say that the company is just trying to make a difference and this is their choice!

Despite of other common beliefs, pink is a pretty quiet color; and just as you can see in this photo we are not talking about deep pink tones, but softer ones, related to the idea of inspiring relaxation and tenderness. And if this color is not suiting you at all, then think about choosing the Jet Black or the Classic White options from any of the major U.S. carriers, because we must admit: leaving behind this aspect, Galaxy Note 3 remains a fast and interesting phablet which won’t disappoint you.

Galaxy Note 3 Blush Pink

Galaxy Note 3 Blush Pink

Its 13-megapixel camera has a variety of useful image editing tools, not to mention that it features a 5.7” 1080p Super AMOLED display. And it houses a Snapdragon 800 processor paired with 3GB of RAM, while its 3,200mAh battery is more than prepared to offer you great endurance.

If you are curious about the pricing, don’t worry, it will be the same. And we have told you from the title that we are expecting a release in Germany, but that’s not all, just as our source is confirming. Galaxy Note 3 Blush Pink is currently available in the UK and in South Korea too and it is preparing for an international market as well.