Dash radio can satisfy Everyone’s Musical Tastes

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Just like they’ve done for so many other forms of media, apps have transformed radio too. Whether it’s traditional radio stations, or those made for Internet only, apps have become a popular way to access these audio streams these days. The truth is that there are apps that provide a huge number of live stations from around the globe you can listen to, while others require a subscription so you can pick and choose your music too or even apps that can give you a little bit of everything.

If you do not want to focus on a specific genre or band, if you are looking for a simple, yet reliable app, then the free radio app Dash Radio is the perfect choice for you. I am sure that this can satisfy nearly everyone’s musical tastes and you will see why I am saying that.

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This app is very well designed, so it leaves a good first impression in terms of its functionality. Here, the Android user can choose from more than¬†60 radio stations for his/her personal radio station playlist. There are also rock stations, radio stations that play only hip-hop, as well as pure talkback, so there is something for every single user. The overall music selection is very good, as the radio stations include new hits, as well as real classics (Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones). There are also regularly special releases and even more, popular DJ’s & personalities are playing music.

The Radio-App Dash Radio is therefore especially recommended for anyone who has a desire for several musical genres, who wants to find the latest hits and relax.

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The radio app is available for Android devices from this Google Play link. And there are no commercials or unexplained pauses between songs, so waste no more time.

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