Lenovo S650 – Specs and Price Revealed

Lenovo has just introduced its S650 smartphone at CES 2014 and we can tell you from the start that despite of the fact that it is just a mid-range model, the company has somehow managed to combine all its specs in a surprising way so that it could finally offer us a very pleasant all-round smartphone experience. Not all its specs are necessary impressive and some of them were actually revealed in benchmarks and other leaks, but this doesn’t have to mean that Lenovo S650 hasn’t managed to surprise us! So, here we have prepared for you some of its most important specs, along with other info regarding its affordable price-tag which won’t empty your pockets.

Under the hood, Lenovo S650 packs a 1.3GHz quad core processor which enables a smoother Android experience (Android 4.2 in this case) and easy multitasking, although its 4.7-inch screen with a maximum 960 x 540 resolution might look a little disappointing for those expecting something else.

Lenovo S650 – Specs and Price

Lenovo S650 – Specs and Price

Even more, you can enjoy an amazing LED Flash 8MP autofocus camera which comes with a variety of built-in image editing tools among we can mention HDR, intelligent smile correction, panoramic scene, as well as multiple angle view and more; and don’t forget that its 0.3MP secondary front camera can make video chat with friends and family an ideal way of staying in touch with the ones that you love.

Lenovo S650 is also an ideal option if you want to separate your personal and business life, as well as if you need to travel to a different country and not only thanks to its Dual SIM ability. And we cannot leave aside something that we have remarked about it: as our source also mentions, Lenovo S650 comes with chrome painted sides and a 3D-textured cover which is supposed to make it extremely comfortable to hold, also protecting it against scratches and fingerprints.

So, how do you feel about spending $229 in order to have it? We consider this a wise investment considering that these specs that we have just seen are available at such a small price and we bet that Lenovo S650 will be pretty successful.