HTC M8 To Be Released in Four Colors

Rumors about the successor of HTC One, codenamed HTC M8 are spreading faster than ever. Do you know what the latest ones are? Well, according to a pair of tweets from XDA TV producer Shen Ye, we have reasons to believe that the handset will be released in four colors; they might seem familiar to you as long as they will be the same as the ones found on the original HTC One – red, blue, dark gray (black) and light gray (silver). If this latest news turns out to be true, then all of you who like choosing from different more color options could receive exactly what they want, but there is still no official word from HTC regarding these speculated colors at the moment.

Previous unconfirmed reports

Although no further details were revealed, you probably now that we already have some clues regarding its technical spec based on several previous unconfirmed reports. Taking in consideration some of the most popular rumors, HTC M8 is expected to come with a 5-inch screen with Full HD resolution, just as we have also anticipated from the reviewed HTC M8 Case suggesting that is it more than likely for the company to be working on a 5-inch display.

HTC M8 To Be Launched in Four Colors

HTC M8 To Be Launched in Four Colors

Even more, we also know that this smartphone will have on-screen buttons, as well as a rear fingerprint scanner, while the power will be provided by a Snapdragon 800 CPU with 2GB of RAM. And HTC M8 is also rumored to feature the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system version out of the box, so we can only hope for that to happen.

Final name

If you are curious about its name, then join the club; you aren’t the only one out there in this situation! You probably know it has been previously reported that the next HTC One will be finally called the HTC One+ and not HTC One 2 and we are fine with that. But we must admit that things might end up being awkward as long as the HTC M8 codename has already gain its own popularity and seems to be the most frequently used one.

Official announcement

So, the only thing we still don’t know for sure is about its official announcement. Once again we have to take in consideration previous reports that pointed to February, but we cannot be sure. In any case, we will keep you posted about all the latest information regarding this upcoming smartphone and its supposedly four color options. So, don’t hesitate to check us later and you won’t miss a thing!