Could LG G3 Beat be the Upcoming LG G3 mini Chinese version?

Can you imagine a device coming with a 5″ display to be called “mini”? This is exactly what LG G3 Beat seems to be. After it has been spotted at this year’s Tianyi Mobile Phone Trade Exhibition from China and rumor has it could be none other than the upcoming LG G3 mini Chinese version. Do you think the same?

LG’s G3 Beat Model Number

Well, we can tell you that LG’s G3 Beat model number is LG-D728, so it resembles a lot to those previous rumors and leaks about potentials D725 or D722. And it has the same the signature faux brushed metal back cover and rear button controls that we are used to see from the popular LG G3 as well.

Are all these enough to make us agree with the fact that the LG G3 Beat handset carries the “mini” moniker? Some might say that they are not, especially taking in consideration the handset’s specifications and its huge display that makes it such an odd choice for a possible mini handset.

LG G3 Beat – a Mini version coming with a 5-inch Display

So, this LG G3 Beat is indeed slightly smaller than the G3, but “smaller” in this case might not be the equivalent of “mini”. To be more precise, we are expecting to receive a 5-inch 1280×720 IPS display from a supposedly called mini handset, while the current market has models such as Nexus 5 with a 4.95″ display or Moto X with a 4.7″ one.

For some it might be difficult to accept, but let’s not forget that everything is possible and those rumors that LG wants to adopt Samsung’s strategy of offering several variations of its flagship focusing on different feature sets might be true after all.

Other Major Technical Specs and Features

What about the rest of its technical specs and features? From what we have just discovered, LG G3 Beat houses a Snapdragon processor turning fur cores at 1.2Ghz (more likely a Snapdragon 200) being paired with 2GB of RAM and also equipped with a number of no less than 16GB of internal storage.

When it comes to its 8MP main camera, we have no other details about its image editing tolls excepting the fact that it comes with a secondary 2MP front-facing camera, while the unit houses a decent 2540mAh battery as well. Besides that, we also have dual-mode LTE, supporting both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE along with the usual standard CDMA and GSM systems. And just like other versions prepared for China, LG G3 Beat seems to have dual-sim capability, although we don’t expect to receive this feature on the international markets too.

As for its operating system, it comes with the most recent Android 4.4.2 version out of the box, offering you the chance to experience a reliable version that everyone is dreaming of.

So, we have heard rumors about an LG G3 Mini expected to come with a 4.5-inch display, while this G3 Beat version has a large 5-inch screen. Do you think that this is the “mini” handset version that China is expecting? We can only tell you that we don’t know for sure when the official release date for the specific device will be, but don’t expect it to be too far off from the LG’s G3 mid-July official release date in this region. Only then we’ll know for sure if these speculations have some truth in them or not. And then we’ll also find out if the price will be indeed of no more than 2,500 yuan, as it is rumored now.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated. Just don’t forget to check on us later!