Second Half of Samsung’s Galaxy 11 Ad is Here

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As we all know, FIFA’s World Cup 2014 is finally over and so is Samsung’s GALAXY 11 marketing campaign that has started back in November 2013 as a whole constellation of football along we can mention Ronaldo, Messi, or Mario Goetze. According to the campaign, these players had to face a strange team of humanoid aliens who have developed a passion for our popular sport and the best part is that the second half of Samsung’s Galaxy 11 ad is finally here.

A Samsung Ad Coming in Two Parts

So, the final game between humans and aliens might have started over a month ago, but the company has been divided into two parts. For those of you who don’t know, the first one finished with the humans trailing behind their rivals, so what do you think that the result will be?

The second part is already here, the presence of Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Tab S, and the Gear 2 been shadowed by the stars in the ad.

But we must be honest and tell you that the first Galaxy 11 ad has something special as long as it has the actual soccer stars chosen to fight the aliens.

No Real-Life Footage, but only Animated Avatars

This time, instead of the real-life footage of the stars in the first GALAXY 11 promo ad, this one has animated avatars of Messi & Co. Alas. Sadly, it seems that no matter how much Samsung is trying to invest on advertising its Galaxy devices, it still wasn’t able to use footage of the actual players in action in this video.

Are you disappointed as well? As for the result of the game, we don’t want to spoil the outcome of the surprise for you. Just watch this Samsung ad and tell us what you are thinking. We’d love to hear your opinion!

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