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Enable Battery Saver on Galaxy S8

With a bigger screen and a faster processor, Galaxy S8 could turn into a disaster when it comes to battery life. I am not at all surprised to see that consumers are worried that the Galaxy S8 phones may have...


Battery Charge Limit App Increases Battery Lifespan

Companies always come with big promises about major battery improvements in their devices. I don’t say that I never see that happening, yet those additional hours are usually additional minutes and I need more than that! All Android users are...


Stretch your Battery Life with Servicely

Is your phone’s battery draining way too quickly? Don’t you know what else to try in order to solve your problem? You are most probably aware of the fact that your display is almost certainly the biggest battery drainer no...


Install Amplify Battery Extender on Android

There is something that many of you cannot control. You love your Android phone especially thanks to the fact that the device seems to be able to give you all: I am talking about social networking, gaming, video and music,...