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Learn to Double Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3

When it comes to the software of a new smartphone, sometimes companies have to make decisions that they feel will be in the best interest of the majority of their customers. Sometimes, we hate these decisions, while in other cases...


Set up Wi-Fi Tethering on Galaxy S7 Edge

The Mobile Hotspot feature lets you share your mobile device’s data connection with other devices by turning your device into a wireless access point other WiFi enabled devices can connect to. There is no exception when it comes to your...


How to Share your Galaxy S7 Wi-Fi connection

If there’s one major area where Android mobile hotspot tethering has been lacking in the last few years, it’s been its incapacity to share your phone’s Wi-Fi connection with other devices. Normally, the mobile hotspot feature (Wi-Fi tethering) only lets...


Enjoy Galaxy S7 Edge Wi-Fi Sharing Feature

In standard mode, Android phones can be used as hotspots by using Wi-Fi tethering and your Galaxy S7 Edge is no exception. This means that you are able to let someone else use your mobile data by letting them connect...


How to Solve LG G5 Wi-Fi Problems

LG G5 is a sleek, powerful and elegant smartphone with an amazing new modular system and despite of the fact that all these sound great, things are not always like that. For example, the regular issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity...