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Fix Battery Drain Issues on Galaxy S6

We have to agree on the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 is an amazing smartphone for today’s competition. We love its technical specs and its beautiful metallic design, but this doesn’t have to mean that there are no problems to...


How to Fix Note 8 Bad Battery Life

After the Note 7 disaster, Samsung was forced to reevaluate how it designed and manufactured phone batteries, and it now uses different processes and chemistries that produce more durable batteries that also degrade less over time. How things work with...


How to Fix Galaxy S8 Battery life Issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 was released with great expectations by the Korean manufacturer that we all love. This is no surprise if we take in consideration the disaster that was left behind by the company’s Note 7 device and even though...


Battery Charge Limit App Increases Battery Lifespan

Companies always come with big promises about major battery improvements in their devices. I don’t say that I never see that happening, yet those additional hours are usually additional minutes and I need more than that! All Android users are...


Stretch your Battery Life with Servicely

Is your phone’s battery draining way too quickly? Don’t you know what else to try in order to solve your problem? You are most probably aware of the fact that your display is almost certainly the biggest battery drainer no...