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How to Enjoy Slash Keyboard

I could write a long review simply because there is much to say about the amazing Slash Keyboard, but I’ll just say the fact that this keyboard is truly amazing. Slash Keyboard is one of the most powerful third-party keyboards...


How to Use Facemoji Keyboard+GIFs

If you are bored of your existing keyboard and think that it’s time to choose something else, then Facemoji Keyboard could be the perfect choice for you. Well, Facemoji Keyboard is an Android app that gives users access to thousands...


Try on the TouchPal Keyboard

You know that Android gives you the chance to customize the keyboard you use, and the truth is that there are plenty of options to choose from. It is up to you to get all sorts of keyboards: I am...


What is Kika Keyboard offering?

It doesn’t matter what the manufacturers might say, but the truth is that smartphone keyboards are never fast enough, don’t autocorrect properly and often lead to frustrated users who dream of a different experience. Is this happening to you too?...