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How to Earn Money with Polycash

I have already told you about the Foap App which is a great way to upload your smartphone photos for sale. Companies and website owners are looking for photos to use and an inexpensive way to do this is by...


How to Earn Money with Uber Driver

Uber is quite popular around the world and this should come as no surprise. The company started as a map on a smartphone, which connected a driver with a passenger based on GPS, but now it is much more than...


Mint has been Personalized for You

Owning a smartphone can seem more like an overpriced splurge than a necessity, so learn to use it for more than you do it now. I am sure that many of you know the fact that Mint.com provides one of...


Deal with an Alien Invasion in Ookujira

Ookujira makes you deal with an alien invasion. While the story is worthy of a brow raise, the actual gameplay and visual elements complement it, so it’s fun and interesting at the same time and you should give it a...