Author: Mike Blass


How to Connect HTC One M9 to HTC Mini+

What a great time to talk about the best Android phones from the current market! As if Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and its impressive Galaxy S6 Edge brother aren’t enough to keep us busy, HTC One M9 is also a...


Customize HTC One M9 Navigation Bar

The new HTC One M9 isn’t all that different on the outside from its One M8 predecessor, but be sure that it comes with some important software changes that you should know all about. HTC’s new and improved Sense 7...


Hide Caller Info on One M9 Lockscreen

By default, when you receive a call from someone, you can see the name, the photo and other info of that contact on your HTC One M9 lockscreen. While this feature can be useful when you want to take a...