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Verizon HTC One – Updated to KitKat

‘When will my device get the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat?’ This is the question that we have repeatedly heard in the last few weeks and now we finally have great news for Verizon HTC One owners as well. Bach in...

Android to Welcome Mozilla Firefox Launcher 0

Android to Welcome Mozilla Firefox Launcher

With the occasion of InContext Conference in San Francisco, Mozilla showed off the upcoming Firefox Launcher for Android this Wednesday. The Firefox Launcher is yet to come in the following weeks and is actually a homescreen launcher specially prepared for...


Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Available In The UK

We have just told toy that Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is going to be released on February 13th in US and that you can already pre-order it from Office Depot with free shipping included, but now we have great news...