How to Effectively Use HTC One M9 when Traveling

Traveling abroad for business or vacation means having fun or productively spending your precious time and definitely not losing touch with friends and loved ones.

Using your HTC One M9 phone internationally can lead to enormous bills if you’re not careful, so make no mistake. What can you do is such a case?

There are plenty of simple tips you can follow to make sure that you will stay connected to with those from home while traveling, but without paying more than you are supposed to.

Here I am to show you how to effectively use your HTC One M9 abroad to save money while keeping in touch.

How to Use Your One M9 Internationally:

  • For the start, my advice is to get a U.S.-based voice over IP (VoIP) phone number – it is up to you to choose between Skype, Google Voice, Tango, Line2 and several other options that you might want to use. Then, you must forward your usual cell phone number to this number while still on your home network, or the system may track you wherever you actually are;
  • Do your calling on your VoIP number over Wi-Fi;
  • You can also take in consideration a possible international text message package from your carrier if texting is something that you cannot live without. Keep in mind that services like Line2 do allow texting over Wi-Fi, but it is up to you to decide if this is enough or not;
  • Don’t hesitate to turn off cellular data, 3G and roaming, and even put your HTC One M9 in airplane mode;
  • Take in consideration the Wi-Fi options where you are traveling, whether it is the Wi-Fi from your hotel room, from an Internet cafe, from a coffee shop and more; also check out for international Wi-Fi spots, so introduce your destination in order to find out what companies offer Wi-Fi services where you are headed;
  • Your phone company will also offer international phone plans. You should know from the start the fact that these are quite often the most expensive options out there, with high international roaming fees and data charges, but before saying no, call your carrier for information on the available options;
  • You should also type frequently used telephone, hotel or transportation numbers on your HTC device and save them in the Address book. Don’t hesitate to enter the telephone numbers using the international dialing format or you won’t be successful to use them;
  • Don’t forget to check the voltage requirements for the desired country and also bring a power converter for your HTC One M9 charger, if necessary;
  • At the end, don’t hesitate to keep your One M9 device secure while abroad because you may be liable for usage fees for lost or stolen phones. That’s not what you need, so read this guide on How to Secure your HTC One M9 with Android Device Manager.

HTC One M9 owners who have already traveled abroad, be sure to hit the comments area and let me know how you used your device!

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