Take Care of your Videos with Android Video Locker

Are you looking for a method to keep videos hidden safe from prying eyes? I am not here to judge you, but I actually know how important your private videos are as long as I’ve been there too!

One way to protect your privacy is to set a password lock on your Android based phone. While this is a great solution in most cases, it’s no good when you pass your phone to someone for a quick call or if someone wants to check something and asks for your phone.

This is why I’ve decided to tell you more about a special Android gallery app that can easily hide videos on your Android devices.

Video Locker (Hide Videos) is the one that I am talking about and let me tell you that it has the ability to lock your personal and confidential videos on your Android phone, using fast encryption techniques. With Video Locker, all your sensitive videos will remain password-protected thanks to a special anti-hack mechanism, so why not using it?

Take Care of your Videos with Video Locker:

  1. To begin, download the app from PlayStore by using this link;
  2. Install it on your device;
  3. Open Video locker;
  4. Set up a pattern lock, password or pin code;
  5. It’s time to select the videos which you don’t want others to have access to;
  6. Let me assure you of the fact that hidden videos are not only moved to a secret location on your phone, but they are also encrypted using advanced 128 bit AES encryption. Even if someone steals your SD card and copy the hidden video files, the thief will not have any chance to view the locked videos;
  7. If you forgot to exit Video Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your device goes into sleep mode;
  8. You can also lock individual hidden video albums. This lets show just one hidden video album without exposing the others;
  9. Video Locker’s UI has been designed with tablets in mind too, so it is able to provide the best viewing pleasure on both Android smartphones and tablets;
  10. You also have the possibility to change language in Video Locker. However, note that this is only available from version 1.1.0 and above. To change the app language, go to settings and tap on ‘Language’ under the Others section;
  11. And the story gets even better as long as you can also enjoy some amazing features such as Decoy Mode (fake user mode), Panic Switch, Stealth Mode, as well as Hack Attempt Monitoring, so have fun exploring!

There’s much more that you can do on your Android device when it comes to your videos:

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