Sky Force Reloaded is a Must-Play Game

Fans of vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups will definitely love the new Sky Force Reloaded. I am saying that as long as this game somehow manages to combine classic arcade elements with the new possibilities offered by current technology, so what a result we get! The new version in simply spectacular and I am not the only one saying that.

The situation isn’t any surprise or anything that you have not seen: you fly upward through levels, shooting both moving enemy formations and ground-based enemies, while also trying to rescue those poor humans that are on the ground – be sure that you will also be rewarded for that with extra points.

They are going to be really disappointed if you don’t pick them up, but I must be the bad guy and remind you that sometimes you have to make a choice. However, if all these are nothing new, the options to boost up your planes are. And yes, you have heard me right as long as you can use planes as well. There’s a great number of planes to choose from and every single one has different strengths and weaknesses. Cater to your inner collector by hunting in-game buff cards and unlocking a number of achievements.

Even more, Sky’s Force Reloaded levels occasionally come with unexpected surprises. One level even takes your weapons away and forces you to dodge hazards and collect stars, the game’s currency. Yes, the higher levels are quite difficult, but this means even more fun! After all, you know what the main objective this time really is: you can upgrade your ship’s health, weapons, and powers and boost your final score by completing as many in-game objectives as you can.

And to that I must add the full voiceover and incredible electronic soundtrack, as well as the beautiful and atmospheric levels, so you will probably have a new addition really soon!

After all, no one can deny that this is a well-polished Android game, making Sky Force Reloaded a must-play.

Grab it from here right away and don’t forget to return to the comments area and tell us what you think of this game.

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