Try Out Shazam if you are Looking for a Music Recognition App

Have you ever used or heard of Shazam up to now? This app has been honored many times by various well-known newspapers and blogs, so I can only guess that its name sounds familiar. However, if you haven’t used it up to now, don’t waste any more time in case of looking for a music recognition app.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to be able to find new musicians and new songs all the time. The interface is clean and easy to use, so there’s no room for misinterpretation or confusion. This app also has hot word feature (“Ok Google, Shazam This Song”) and I love the fact that new songs are added daily.

For searching a song place it near an audio device and Shazam will identify that precise song in a matter of no more than a few seconds. The app works fantastic in terms of recognizing artists – it does that fairly quickly and provides you the results that you have in mind. However, Shazam will give you a preview of that song and then will take you to the site where you can find that song. Aside from purchasing music, you can also choose to follow the lyrics in real-time, see related acts, read the artist bio and view their discography, share with others, and watch the song’s music video. There’s so much more you could do with a single track!

The app also provides you with various sources in which you can stream the artist, which is very handy and if the developers claim that some features are dependent on location, device and app version, I never had any problem or restriction when it comes to using it on my Android devices.

Have you found what you have need it? Then, you can share songs on Facebook and Twitter. This is an app for those who want perfect identification of music. If you like this app there is a paid version which is worthy of your attention, but as I always say, such a decision is yours to make and no one else’s.

A direct link to the Shazam app on Play Store is given right in this guide, so don’t waste any more time. Feel free to grab the app from here and let me know if you like it, if it is truly accurate and it it meets your demands or not.

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