Try Out Like A Fox Game and Enjoy its Simple Touch Controls

Are you fast, but really fast, like a fox for example? Fast Like A Fox is a fun platformer with simple touch controls that will give you the answer to that. In fact, there are just two controls – tap left to jump and tap right to run, but this doesn’t mean that your job is any less important. The game is easy to play, hard to master and you obviously take on the role of a fox with a special mission.

Well, your goal is to bring back the treasures of the Golden fox tribe that’s been stolen by minions. You are therefore chosen to return them to their rightful owners, so start controlling the fox by tapping the back of your device and dash through challenging worlds. As a clue snow-covered valleys, mountain tops, fiery caves, subways, as well as city highways are waiting for you!

Finding all coins, emeralds and diamonds is not though enough, if your goal is not that of also breaking time records to get the best score. Those who have the skill and reflexes will beat the challenging Final Run and unlock a secret character with special powers, but I don’t want to tell you anything more about that! It’s your job to discover it! And then, don’t hesitate to share your score with a screenshot with your friends! Not all of them know about this game, but I am sure that at least a few of them could like playing it too.

Be though very careful about something. Fast like a Fox uses your device’s internal sensors to detect movement. You must learn the tapping technique to have the best precision, but worry not since the innovative tapping control is incredibly easy to get used to.

And I know that you want to protect your device with a durable case, but cases may affect the playability. So, if you notice something out of the ordinary, you already know where the issue is coming from. And if the Fox does not run properly despite of not having a case on your handset, you should better try to tap at different spots or turn the device the other way around, for example on tablet devices.

Grab the Like A Fox from this Google Play link and enjoy the experience offered by this game.

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