Grab the Umbra – Icon Pack if you Like Round, yet Original Icons

If you’re engaged in a search of the best icon pack for your device, then you probably know that there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of options to choose from. When I first thought about helping those like you with that, I had one idea in my mind and I don’t regret it at all: I have to present you individual icon packs. It’s hard to please all of you out there with three or five general options, so it’s better to take some of the amazing icon packs one by one, starting from the general idea in your mind too.

So, this time I have to ask: do you like round icons? Do you find it hard to resist the clean and coherent interface of the latest Google Pixel models, but you still dream of a fresh look that could be mixed with that? If you are looking for something original and full of character, while still keeping the round shape, then I am sure that the icons of Umbra will make your day.

Well, let me put it this way: they have a truly unique style, thanks to the shape, the color palette and the design. The Umbra – Icon Pack is a generous package as it offers more than 4300 icons for all those who might be hard to please, and also allows you to mask missing icons via a filter so that the interface of your system is always clean and in perfect harmony.

Umbra – Icon Pack is considered to be one of the must-haves of the category since besides these, it also includes nifty features such as icons request, search and preview feature, Muzei live wallpaper compatibility or regular weekly updates to always get the very best.

The result is a perfect package if you want detailed round icons that look bold. It is also free and offers only high-definition icons, as well as frequent updates, so that’s your chance! What should you do now? Just download Umbra – Icon Pack on your Android device right away.

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