How to Enjoy FluxCards, an amazing Android Flash Cards App

Learning a foreign language is a surprisingly rewarding experience as you get the chance to meet new people, interact with them, develop life-long friendships and achieve your goals. After all, you know that this is the key to transform your travel experience, improve your employability or even to study or live abroad, so what are you waiting for?

Here I am with a special invitation to give a try to FluxCards, an amazing Android flash cards app that provides spaced repetition learning. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of spacing in learning, let me tell you that it involves spacing learning events apart rather than massing them together. For instance, if you want to review a vocabulary lesson one day after learning it, the next time you review it will be after two days, then three days and so on.

Why should you think of such an option? First of all, the development of smartphone technology has now made the process of learning another language easier than ever and this seems to work in your favor. No less important, it has been already proven that flashcards are a truly effective learning tool. Let me remind you that dashcards are one of the fasted learning tools that you can take advantage of as they let you quickly revisit information and test knowledge.

And it seems that the Android FluxCards provided by this app are even better than flash cards. I am saying that as long as you have the possibility to edit or Add New Cards on the go by simply pressing the Blue Button, you can boost your memory with images or photos for all the new words that you learn, you can even choose to draw with your S Pen, not to mention the color-coded Interface that you will love!

FluxCards are perfect for quick sessions or serious study and the app is there for you, even while being offline! So, the app engages active recall and aids spaced repetition, just what you need for learning a new language in no time!

The app can be taken from here, so access the link provided here with no hesitation!

Language learner, do you have any problems while using this app or do you simply want some help? Just use the comments area from below or the contact form and be sure that I will do my best to get to you as soon as possible.