Enjoy Wickr Me – Secure Messenger on Android

Protecting your home computer and laptops from viruses has become necessary, but what about your Android device? Are you sure that your data is truly safe?

Many of you store personal photos, bank account numbers, private medical data and much, much more on your mobile device, so the idea of letting all these become available to others is a disaster. Even more, if your phone is hacked or stolen, having mobile encryption software installed could save you time and money.

Each mobile encryption software application will help protect your data and make it much safer to browse the web. But every application has different areas of emphasis and some have various other useful features, such as phone locators and contact backup options. For example, have you ever used Wickr me?

This app is the perfect choice for all those who want to know that their messages and photos are not readable after a certain amount of time, even by the receiving party. The developers claim that the app is trusted by world leaders, executives, journalists, celebrities and more, so why shouldn’t you give it a try?

After all, its success has to do with the fact that the app has a very special feature: I am talking about ephemeral chats and photos which can be easily made to disappear in anywhere from 3 seconds to up to no less than 6 days. Wickr removes all records, geotags and identifying information from your messages and media.

Users also have the possibility to send audio, video, and PDF messages from their devices and Dropbox or Google Drive storage. Then, it is only up to you to customize your experience by setting how you want people to be able to find you (if at all) and be sure that your address book will always remain private and will never be stored in the app’s servers. Then, don’t hesitate to shred remains of deleted local files and communicate with groups of up to 10 contacts of your choice.

And even more, there are no ads to irritate you and you can learn even more on how the app on its official website at https://www.wickr.com.

Have you already decided that the app is what you need? Access this link and grab it right away! You will leave no trace of you or your data ever again!

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  • Curly Lu

    Is Wickr Me just a new , rebranded version of Wickr? If not , what’s the difference? (Have downloaded Wickr some time ago , but I didn’t like its interface (and have been using Threema instead.))