Edit your Photos with Android SKRWT

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Smartphones get better and better each year, so it’s only naturally to expect the best from their built-in cameras too. As you probably know, our lives have been simplified and the amount of image editors available for Android is just another example for that. Yes, there is no longer required to transfer all those images or photos from your Android device to the PC or laptop when you want to edit them, but on the contrary, there are dozens of applications from the Android platform that can give you pretty much any effect you desire as you do on desktop system.

Editing is nearly as important as capturing a photo in the first place and if you think the same, then this guide is for you. Whether photography is your life or you are just someone who wants to improve the look of photos, SKRWT might be what you are looking for.

If the name sounds familiar, I can assure you of the fact that you are not at all wrong. SKRWT is an Android photo editor that gain popularity in iOS and then, it made its way to Android in mid-January of this year.

The app packs impressive features. For example, SKRWT’s ratio option is there to help you find the best possible ratio to create new compositions and uncover your pictures’ hidden symmetry, while the Exif Reader gives you all file information at one glance: you can see your shots aperture, the shutter, ISO and more. For minor mirroring purposes, there’s also a new instant mirror filter in the main interface and you can always arrange your gallery’s folders in whatever way you prefer with the help of the Gallery Sorting Function.

The list also continues with other features such as 4 points image transformation that provides a hands-on approach to transforming and skewing your imagery that has not been possible on the Play Store before, a wide array of lens correction, composition assistance, vignettes, lens distortion, auto-cropping, gallery sorting and more.

SKRWT costs less than a dollar in the Google Play Store and the price tag shouldn’t stop you from buying this amazing app. You know how things work these days: the apps that you love using are ad-supported, and the number of pop-ups you can encounter in a short period of time can truly be annoying, so why not paying for a little more comfort?

Grab the SKRWT app from here.

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