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The best LG G5 Accessories or “Friends”

Is life indeed better when you play more? The “first ever modular smartphone” is directly related to this concept and you know of what device I am talking about. The LG G5 has some interesting accessories or “Friends” that you...


Speed Up Web Browsing on your Galaxy Note 8

It’s great when you have the chance to tweak your device to your liking and I know that many of you are thinking of various ways for making their device faster for a better user experience. This even includes amazingly...


Setup Do-Not-Disturb on your Galaxy Note 8

Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t just your average next-Galaxy. It is known as the follow-up to the most troubled Samsung device ever. It’s clear that the pressure is on for the popular company, but I think that the Korean...


BubblOO can easily cause Addiction

App stores are becoming bigger and more competitive, yet Google Play is still the best. However, with millions of apps in the Play Store, searching for the best Android apps can become a burden. Whether you are looking for a...