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The best LG G5 Accessories or “Friends”

Is life indeed better when you play more? The “first ever modular smartphone” is directly related to this concept and you know of what device I am talking about. The LG G5 has some interesting accessories or “Friends” that you...

Bitmoji can be Your Personal Emoji 0

Bitmoji can be Your Personal Emoji

In the beginning of the past year, Bitmoji made the big change as it was acquired by Snapchat for no less than $100 million. What this app does is let you create your own emoji. And besides that, after the acquisition,...

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MSQRD is an incredibly Fun App

Snapchat bought Looksery to supercharge its animated selfie filters this year and things are no different for Facebook. I am saying that as long as this has made an image filtering acquisition of its own to keep up with the...

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Fenix for Twitter reclaims its Popularity

Fenix, the popular Twitter app on Android had a though year, that’s for sure. I recall how the app hit Twitter’s ridiculous token/user limit one day and it was removed from Google Play. That seemed odd to us since the...