Author: John Garner


Enjoy Galaxy Note 5 Stock Wallpapers in HD

Who doesn’t want to enjoy beautiful stock Android wallpapers? It doesn’t really matter what amazing flagship you have, but there is always something new coming in, making you a bit jealous. I don’t say that it’s the case to move...


How to install TWRP on T-Mobile LG G4

Have you heard the fact that T-Mobile has released an upgrade with the software version H81110n for the LG G4? Now, if you have already updated your T-Mobile LG G4 to the latest firmware, it’s the perfect time to also...


Essential Tips and Tricks for your LG G4

As you have seen from AndroidFlagship’s latest posts, LG G4 has plenty to offer with its big and bright 5.5-inch screen and super impressive camera, but there are also lots of settings that you’ll want to change as soon as...