How to Solve Marshmallow main Issues

Google’s latest version of Android – none other than Android 6.0 Marshmallow – is ready to enjoy the spotlight and to find its way to more devices. To be more specific, Google has officially announced the arrival of its latest Marshmallow and right on schedule, the company started to roll out the new software to its popular Nexus devices.

Marshmallow is all about innovation, but don’t you imagine that it has no issues. It seems that the owners of various Nexus devices already revealed some annoying problems. Do you want to be prepared and to learn how to fix some of them? Here I am to help you!

How to Solve Marshmallow Issues:

Is the Facebook messenger unable to show Chat?
There is no reason to be worried about as long as this is not an actual problem. This is nothing more than a solution offered by Google for improving the battery life of your handsets by disallowing apps to redraw over apps currently running in foreground. What can you do to get things back to normal?

To solve this proem find your way into Settings > Apps > Settings under Apps and don’t hesitate to tap on ‘Draw over other apps’. Up next, just select the messenger app to allow it to draw over any other apps.

Swipe up from Home button to access Google Now doesn’t work
Well, let me tell you that this is not a problem either. You have a new feature that is actually a highlight feature of Android 6.0 update known as Now On Tap. This feature is nothing more than part of Google Now and it works as an intelligent assistant to Android phone users. Do you have various meetings during the same day, or a long drive ahead of you? Google Now will automatically tell you what time you need to leave in order to beat traffic, where your next meeting is, how to get there, and so on.

In order to access Google Now, you just have to hold the Home button for a second or two and that will set Now On Tap in motion. You can now tap on Google log and the so-called issue is gone.

And if the new feature is not for you, then feel free to disable the Now On Tap, and bring back swiping up to access Google now directly. You can do so by entering into Google Now settings and turning off Now On Tap.

Issues with various apps
Some are complaining about random freezing, issues with various apps (Snapchat crashes randomly, Facebook Messenger force closes, the camera app cannot show previews as it should when camera is opened – read more about it from here. If you are experiencing such issues with any app on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you have to check what permissions it has.

So, take Google+ for example, and enter into Settings > Apps, look for Google+ app and tap on it; then, go to Permissions and provide it the required permission. If you can’t figure out what required permission is, then simply enable all, and then try the app again. After that, you can simply disable the permissions you don’t want to have access to for the given app.

This is all for now, but to be honest, I expect more issues to be revealed as the OTA makes progress and reaches more and more handsets. In such a case, accept that there are problems, so you’ll want to be extremely careful with the update. Read as much as possible about it, prepare your device before you install the update to help minimizing the risk of running into problems and enjoy the good parts!

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