Port Xperia Z4 Camera App on Wiko Rainbow CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 2

Wiko is a French mobile brand that surprised me over the past few months. The first smartphone they released in Kenya is named Wiko Rainbow and it’s a success. I appreciate that it comes with a large 5 inch HD screen, that it has various extra accessories for free, that it is Dual SIM and priced quite competitively for such a generous package of specs and features, but things are not that great in the camera department.

You can shoot some amazing pictures using the 8MP camera on the phone, but it is prone to ‘blurring images’ if you don’t hold it really steady and this is a real problem. Don’t you want to change that? The Sony Xperia Z4 Camera App promises you a much better Android experience at this chapter, that’s for sure.

I want to warn you from the start that you should expect some bugs with video recording, front camera, Creative effect, as well as Sweep Panorama at the moment, but you’ll also enjoy features such as Superior Auto, Latest AR Effect, Manual Settings, Creative Effects, Sweep Panorama, Info Eye, Background Defocus, Social Live and not only – all is ported from the Xperia Z4 on the Wiko Rainbow through CM 12.1 Android Lollipop firmware.

Are you tempted of such an idea? Your Wiko Rainbow must be running on CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 2 and if this is not a problem, here I am to guide you all the way:

How to Port Xperia Z4 Camera App on Wiko Rainbow CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 2:

  1. Download Z4 Framework with the help of this direct link;
  2. Here you can also find the Z4CamPort_WR_CM12.1.zip;
  3. Connect the Wiko Rainbow device to the computer via USB cable (use the original one, if possible);
  4. Then, copy Z4 Framework file along with the Z4 Camera zip file;
  5. Turn off the phone;
  6. Disconnect it from the PC by removing the cord;
  7. Enter into Recovery Mode;
  8. It’s time to install the Z4 framework file by selecting the location you stored it to;
  9. Return to Recovery Home Page;
  10. From here you have to install the Z4 Camera zip file too by going to the location you stored it to in the first place;
  11. At the end, just restart the device by choosing the usual‘reboot system now’ option.

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