Convert Multiple Measurements with Handyman Calculator

You know that there have been many calculators through the years and they’re actually extremely easy to find. However, it isn’t the case to do that any longer as long as an Android device is sitting in your pocket and luckily, the Google Play Store has so many calculator apps to choose from – from easy to use to complex, with tons of advanced features that you never thought of before.

Most people use them to figure out stuff like how much to tip at restaurants, some students literally must have them for school or use them for their homeworks (this is called cheating, I know, but math can be a tough matter to deal with) and not only. There are also special calculator apps for contractors and home owners and here I have such an example that you might find more than useful.

Stepping away from the more traditional uses of calculators, Handyman Calculator offers a regular calculator and something more than that. In fact, I found this app as probably being the best option for those who need something simple, but also something that can help them to convert a number of different measurements, from metric to imperial, electricity, fractions and so on.

Do you find it too complicated for you? Handyman Calculator should not be seen in such a way, therefore the developers recently added a special “Tips and Tricks” menu option that shows you how to use it and find what you are looking for. And even if the measurements part seems to be in the spotlight, don’t forget that the app also comes with the standard calculator functions you would want from any other regular calculator app from Google Play and not only.

Handyman Calculator is available at this Google Play link, so don’t hesitate to download it and see if it meets your expectations or not.

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