Etsy App Adds Android Pay support

Etsy has grown into one of the most popular online stores, particularly for people who want something handmade and things get even better. Well, it seems that Android Pay users are about to gain a new place to use their favorite payment app securely: within the Etsy app. Users who have Android Pay installed will find the payment platform as a checkout option when using the Etsy app, so their requests become true.

Cards used this way do not have to be manually entered and re-verified each purchase, and even in these conditions, they have the same benefits as cards used directly within the Etsy app. Sellers who already accept Direct Checkout payments will have Android Pay available for their customers automatically, while the other sellers will have to implement the new payment method manually.

In order to use this new feature on Etsy, Android device owners need to have the Android Pay app installed, along with a supported card. To be more specific, buying items via Etsy won’t require users to type in all their credit card details. They can just type in a PIN number or password, they can create a pattern, or even use their fingerprint if their device has the right scanner, to purchase their ideal products from the site.

If you are one of those many Etsy sellers who have pocket books, hand crafted bracelets or other items on the site, and if you are set up to accept payments through Direct Checkout, you should be able to accept any payments for your products made via Android Pay.

At the moment, the big change is already effective for certain users and you have no reason to be worried about. Etsy is apparently rolling out Android Pay support in stages and will extend it to everyone else in the US and UK in the coming weeks.

And if you never used Etsy: Handmade & Vintage Goods up to now, it might be a great starting point. The app waits for you right here, so you should waste no more time!

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