Galaxy S8: Learn to reply with the Heart-rate Sensor

There is no secret regarding the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 packs an impressive set of features. The company’s Bixby digital assistant gives you the chance to take photos of real-world objects and brings up relevant information like shopping links and nearby locations to visit, the handset comes with its own virtual reality software, powered by Facebook’s Oculus and Samsung Pay can make payments in a blink of an eye, yet this isn’t all.

You can even get your pulse on the go, yet I am aware of the fact that Samsung‘s insistence on shoving a heartbeat sensor on the back of its flagships, including yours has not been enough talked about, therefore there are still plenty of users who don’t even know about the feature’s existence.

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Too bad for them! Let me tell you that you can learn to reply with the Heart-rate Sensor and the truth is that I am talking about the fastest reply possible.

If you’re in a meeting and you can’t answer the phone, if you are cooking or shopping or you simply want some time for yourself, I totally get you. You can decline an incoming call with your choice of preset text messages. And the idea is that this feature known as Quick Reply can be accessed with the heart-rate sensor.

All you have to do is to hold your finger on it for two seconds, and this will offer you a selection of customized, polite responses to send to the caller. You can find the settings for this feature under Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge lighting > More Options > Quick reply.

Do you find it convenient as well? Leave your answers in the comments area from below.

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