How to Activate Motion Auto Focus on Google Pixel 3

When you’re buying a new Android device, it feels like there is so much to consider. Those days when people used their phones to send texts and make phone calls are nothing more than a part of the past as now we also look for generous storage space for apps and music, a fancy look that makes you feel incredible, power and speed and camera quality, of course.

Your Pixel 3 packs a lot of goodies to explore for those who are into mobile photography, that’s for sure. Google hasn’t significantly changed the traditional camera specs you’re used to looking at. There is still just one camera on the back, with a 12.2-megapixel sensor behind an image-stabilized f/1.8 lens and tied to a Pixel Visual Core chip for image processing, but despite of that, the Google Camera is filled with new features like Photobooth, Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, while others that you are used too for years and years and years such as Motion Auto Focus are obviously included too.

If you’re not yet familiar with some of these features, here you’ll find the necessary guides even though some of the names are a bit self-explanatory. As for the Motion Auto Focus, you will definitely need it.

When you want to capture something that won’t stop moving—such as a toddler or your daughter dancing on the scene—Motion Auto Focus will make sure your Pixel 3 camera stays in sharp focus automatically, as you try to do that. Do you get why it is so useful and people love to find it in the camera settings? And if you happen to be taking a selfie video while walking or moving around, your Google Pixel 3 smartphone also provides you front-facing video stabilization.

So, how to use Motion Auto Focus? To activate this feature, all you have to do is to tap on the subject you want to follow before pressing the shutter button. At this point, a white circle will appear on the subject and move around as needed. That’s how simple it really is!

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