How to Access Unlimited Information with Android txtWeb

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Today I want to tell you more about a global open platform for text-based applications known as txtWeb. Have you ever used it on your Android device?

I want you to know from the start that txtWeb allows you to access almost unlimited information across a variety of categories such as finance, sports, trafic updates, entertainment, jobs, education, movie show timings, general or specific news and more.

The best part is that the information can also be accessed via SMS in case you don’t have internet access.

In fact, you should know that txtWeb is compatible with multiple messaging platforms such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as Google Talk and that’s not all that it can do!

How to Access Unlimited Information with txtWeb:

  1. First of all, the app can be taken from here right away;
  2. Next, you just have to install it on your Android device;
  3. Now, let me tell you what it can do for you:
  • The app offers you the chance to personalize your experience, marking your favorites, remembering your history and suggesting you a perfect list of featured apps;
  • Take the best financial decisions based on stock updates, exchange rates and more financial info;
  • Do you feel bored or do you simply need something to disconnect you? Play some amazing games and you don’t even feel how the time flies;
  • Enjoy the latest movie updates or cricket scores;
  • Don’t leave aside the news of the day; txtWeb will display their content letting you stay informed even if on the go;
  • Plan your travels by finding info on flights, train, bus tickets and so on;
  • Always stay connected with friends and family;
  • As I have told you from the start, a major advantage is that you can access txtWeb both online with data edge/3G/WiFi, as well as offline via SMS;
  • No less important, note that it is cloud based, so be sure that you will always have access to up-to-date services and information.

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