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How to Unlock your LG V30 with your Face

LG V30 is supposed to be an ideal phone for media lovers, packed with a high-quality DAC for excellent audio, as well a powerful processor and a wide-aperture camera better than ever before. But what about personalizing it? I am...


Set LG V30 screen for comfortable use

The V30 is LG’s latest flagship device and I find it truly special. Well, this is the company’s best looking and most powerful phone up to this point, so I am glad that I have bought it. After all, it...


Remove Voicemail Notification on LG V30

Notifications are indeed a necessary feature of most Android smartphones these days, but sometimes a software glitch can cause notification icons in the status bar to persist when they should disappear. This also happens with the Voicemail Notifications on your...


Easily Create Folders on your OnePlus 5T

With such an amazing set of specs and intuitive features, this new OnePlus 5T flagship can no longer be mistaken for a simple midrange handset. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a smooth and fast software experience with OxygenOS, the company’s...