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Learn to Update Galaxy Note 8 Apps

After Samsung’s disaster with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a lot of Android phone buyers will choose to replace the Note 7 with another device. This could be its successor as long as it’s a fresh start from a company...


How to Download the Latest Play Store Update

The Google Play Store seems to have everything that you have in mind. However, I know that the numbering system for Google Play Store versions may seem a little confusing with all those jumps between numbers, yet things will settle...


Enjoy Action Launcher updated to Version 26

Action Launcher developer – none other than the popular Chris Lacey – announced a new update with a tempting set of features. To be more precise, with version 26 of Action Launcher, you can finally get support for Google’s Feed...


Update Galaxy S8 Apps Using Wi-Fi Only

For the most part, updating apps and your phone is important. Not only will you get improvements to your apps and bug fixes, but it can also mean security updates too. It’s recommended that you update your apps as soon...