Author: Ben Madison


How To Enjoy YunOS Wallpapers on Android

YunOS (also known as Aliyun OS) is the China’s 2nd-biggest smartphone operating system, so I take a wild guess and assume that you already know of what I am talking about. YunOS, also called Aliyun OS is a Linux distribution...


The Atomas game for Android is addicting

Atomas is an amazing Android puzzle game that cannot disappoint you. As developers claim, Atomas can be learned in seconds, but despite of that, it will entertain you for weeks. The game is addicting and offers just enough difficulty to...


Zalls and Its Collection of Elegant Wallpapers

One of the most amazing things about Android is its infinite customizability as you can do almost everything you have in mind. One part of the customization is given by the background wallpapers and yes, picking the right one allows...