How to Act when you cannot Send or Receive LG G5 Text Messages

Some have reported that the LG G5 can’t receive texts. Others claim that the very same device cannot be used for sending texts. Both of these issues are part of a problem that I was not expecting to see on such a smartphone.

Being one of the most basic features of any phone, text messaging can be transmitted easily with the help of a simple service provided by a carrier and taking in consideration that the account of the user is in good standing.

If you find yourself unable to send text messages to a contact, or unable to receive messages, there are a few things you can try to rectify the situation.

How to Act when you cannot Send or Receive LG G5 Text Messages:

  • First of all, if Airplane Mode is enabled, there are several things that could go wrong and this is one of them. For that, press and hold the power button, then choose “Turn on/off Airplane mode” when the option appears;
  • Have you even though that your device’s memory might be full, preventing you from receiving text messages? Then, it’s time for come serious cleaning: I am talking about deleting some applications that you’re no longer using, some old photos or videos, as well as messages that are no good to free up some space;
  • Observe if your signal drops from time to time as this might also be the reason why you can’t send and receive text messages on LG G5;
  • In case it’s a signal issue , verify your phone didn’t suffer from physical or liquid damage. If you’re sure it didn’t, then it might be a network problem especially if it’s the first time it occurred; in order to verify if it’s nothing more than a network issue, try to make a call to any number you have on your phone. If the call goes through, then the problem might be with the phone;
  • Perform a soft reset by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds, or until your phone restarts. Alternatively, you can remove and then re-insert the battery;
  • Remove and re-insert the SIM card and see if the error persists;
  • If LG G5 can’t send text messages but can receive, then the issue must have something to do with the Message Center Number. Only some LG G5 owners actually know about the Message Center Number and how important it is to sending text messages, so you should call your service provider or carrier about this problem and they sure can help you fix it;
  • You should also clear the cache and data of the messaging app that you are using;
  • When it comes to multimedia messages, MMS or picture message, they need mobile data to go through and be received. So, try once again to compose a text message, attach a picture and send it to your own number. If the message doesn’t go through, then be sure that it is account issue. Verify your account isn’t barred from sending/receiving MMS, so you need to call your service provider. If this is not the problem, then it must be an APN problem. You can edit it if you know the correct one or ask tech support about it;
  • As a last resort if you have tried the suggestions and tips listed above – hard reset your LG G5 in order to restore it to its factory settings. You’re going to need to perform a backup, but don’t panic! It’s really not as hard as it sounds and you can make sure to save almost everything on your android phone before even doing the reset. That way you don’t lose anything and you can get all your information like contacts, pictures, videos, texts and so on back again after performing the reset;
  • If the problem continues, then there is only one thing left to be done: don’t waste any more time and contact LG, your carrier, or a retailer to ask about a replacement phone.

If you’re experiencing any other issues with your LG G5, then you might want to consider reading some of the additional tips, tricks and suggestions.

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