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How to Use Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera is pretty incredible, it’s easily one of the best cameras I’ve tested this year, yet Galaxy Note 8 is even better. There’s no reason to deny it, but this is actually your chance to get...


Enjoy Galaxy S7 Live Broadcast Video Mode

Galaxy’s S7 camera packs loads of special bonus features, including the ability to shoot animated panoramas, hyperlapse video and plenty besides these ones. All those who want more than the included modes can also enjoy the additional ones which can...


How to Use Galaxy Note 8 Dual Capture Feature

One of the most prominent features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is its new dual-camera setup. This system includes two 12-megapixel cameras with different focal length lenses and this is your chance to take wide-angle or zoomed-in pictures, to mimic...


Clean Up the Galaxy Note 8 App Tray

As part of Samsung’s carefully planned strategy, the Galaxy Note 8.0 looks like a winner. The focus was on loyal users who weren’t so much disappointed in the company for the exploding batteries and the latest Galaxy Note 8 is...


Enjoy Galaxy Note 8 Pro Mode

The Galaxy Note 8 is a real surprise when it comes to cameras. You probably know that it is Samsung’s first handset with a dual-lens snapper, but don’t you even imagine that that’s all to know about it. Samsung began...