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How to Activate Google Assistant on your LG G5

The intelligent personal assistant Google Assistant was an exclusive feature of Google’s latest handsets Pixel and Pixel XL. Thankfully, Google now starts rolling out the feature to all phones running on Android Nougat and Marshmallow. If you do not have...


Top Ten Cases for LG G5

As great as LG’s G5 may be, there are also plenty of annoying things about it – the fact that the metal parts tend to be prone to scratches, that certain parts of its surface pick up fingerprints like a...


How to Solve LG G5 Randomly Dropping Calls

Is your LG G5 randomly dropping calls? Before saying that there is something wrong with your handset, stop for a second and let’s analyze the situation. Your phone, just like any other Android handset, automatically connects to the nearest tower...


How to Quickly Share your LG G5 Photos

Following the amazing LG G4 camera from last year, we were certainly excited to see what LG has in store for us with its 2016 flagship smartphone. If you own this device, then you must check out the camera lenses...


How to Use 30sec Exposure on LG G5

LG’s G5 gives users the chance to fully experience the joy of photography – this is not something that only the company claims, but the users see it too. The camera hardware is surprising, the software seems to be perfectly updated...